Here at Philcare, we encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it is all it takes to avoid getting stuck in bed or taking a trip to the doctor. Even if you have a health card, getting sick can still get in the way of your career and personal relationships.

So we’re here to remind you that there are exercises that you can do that are simple, beneficial, and easy to get used to.

Start Your Workout with Stretching Exercises

Before engaging a full body workout, or any strenuous exercise for that matter, it is advisable to start with stretching exercises. By stretching your limbs and torso, you add a layer of flexibility to them, which allows them to endure significant impact and avoid injuries while working out. This also primes the muscles and conditions the heart for far more strenuous activities.  


  • Jumping Jacks

Jump exercise


Nothing can get you more pumped to work out than jumping jacks. Why not start your routine with this? This calisthenics workout serves as cardiovascular and strengthening exercises, enabling the body to gain endurance. Besides that, it also has a stress-relieving function. Doing jumping jacks has a lot of aerobic benefits. By elevating your heart rate, you send more oxygen to your bloodstream which goes to your muscles, prepping them for further exertion. In addition, it also burns fat at a more rapid rate, allowing you to burn more calories per hour. It is a great boost for weight loss, but it also helps you tone your core and build muscles. Truth is, jumping jacks, alone, can be considered a full body workout given that it targets nearly all muscle regions.


  • Squats

Squats Exercise


Of course, squats are known to tone muscles all over the legs. When done right, it enables the body to improve its weight loss capacity. Squats also help with muscle-building and strength training. It’s an overall body sculpting exercise that allows different parts of the torso to grow through training.

In addition, packing the muscle mass through squats also allows the body to get rid of all the  fats. More muscles in the body means more calories burned. Besides that, squats are also very functional in that they help us prevent injury and increase efficiency with our movements to  foster balance.

  • Planks

Planks exercise

If you want to improve different elements of your overall physical fitness, doing planks can really help. When done properly, it improves your balance and posture by working muscles in the back, chest, neck, abs, and shoulders. It builds both upper and lower body strength as well as the midsection. Also, it helps tone and tighten the abdomen by building and strengthening the inner core muscles.

Another interesting benefit of doing plank exercises is its ability to improve your mood. Stiff muscles are relieved of tension, which in effect will help you feel more relaxed. This can help when you’re faced with massive bundles of work, curbing anxiety and stress, which allows you the mind to focus and get more deliverables done.


  • Hip Bridge Pose

Hip exercise


This simple workout is popular with yoga and Pilates instructors  because it helps improve and stabilize the muscles in the midsection. Basically, it develops your overall health and is an ideal component of a full body workout. Some consider it a healthy break from a series of high impact exercises.  There are basic as well as altered poses of this exercise, but they all promote core stability as well as muscle awareness.

Hip bridges also help with muscle building. Regularly doing this exercise improves balance and strength in your core area. However, it doesn’t burn fats in this specific part of your body alone – it helps with your body’s overall fat-burning process given its expansive coverage.


  • Walk Out Push-ups


Walk out push ups

This exercise, targeting the core muscles, uses full-body movement and builds on the tension that your limbs can carry or endure. It targets your chest, shoulder and arm muscles, building strength, endurance, and flexibility. It also helps with stability, since it requires a lot of body control. Besides that, it advances the core endurance while toning the muscles around the abs and the upper body.

As long as you keep your abdominal muscles tight and your back and legs straight, all the right muscle groups will benefit from this exercise. Your body will be able to build more muscle, which in effect will help burn more fat. Also, getting accustomed to performing walk out push ups gradually improves your heart rate. In the long run, your body will less likely suffering from heart diseases and other cardiac ailments.

Coupling these five routines with a balanced diet will produce even more favorable results. After all, proteins help heal the muscles after all the strain from a workout, carbs give you energy, and vitamins improve the body’s assemblage of functions.