It’s nearly time to prepare those holiday lists and start shopping. Have you thought about what gifts to give your loved ones this Christmas season? If you haven’t, why not go for gifts that promote good health and overall wellness?

Health gifts encourage a lifestyle of fitness and wellness. This will benefit your loved ones in the long run. If they’re trying to lose weight and become healthier, these gifts are perfect. Here are a few ideas to help you get started with your Christmas shopping.

Gym Membership

Gym Membership

If your loved ones have been clamoring for a healthier figure or they just want to lose weight, consider giving them a gym membership. This will give them access to the muscle-sculpting equipment and facilities in a reputable gym. They can also obtain a customized personal training program care of the fitness instructor. Some memberships offer more. They can enroll in exercise and dance classes as well as yoga sessions. Some gyms also offer healthy snacks and drinks for members to keep their diets in check.

You can get a comprehensive one-year membership card for your family members, loved ones or friend. Encourage them to make the most out of their membership by attending at least thrice a week. By doing so, they could lose the unwanted fat and lose weight and even gain some muscle. You can even join your loved ones in the gym, so working out turns into a fun experience.

Exercise Equipment

Gym Equipments

For some people, they don’t have time to go to the gym. It’s either that they’re too busy or it’s too far for them. What you can do is bring the gym to their homes. You can give them exercise equipment to help them work out at their own time, at their own pace, and in their own homes. You can give them resistance bands, exercise balls, kettle bells, yoga mats, a skip rope, and dumbbells. These exercise equipment can turn any area into a makeshift gym, and they aren’t that expensive.

Purchasing a large piece of equipment like a stationary bike or a treadmill is also a good idea. This singular workout can help with weight loss, endurance, and muscle development. This may not be as effective as getting a variety of exercise equipment, but it certainly does the job over time

Pre-packaged healthy meals

Healthy Food

Healthy meal delivery programs are a hit these days, and with good reason. Your loved ones will no longer have an excuse to not eat healthy or engage in a drastic move like crash dieting. The service is very convenient, with the meals delivered to their home or workplace. You can also pick out a meal plan for them depending on their dieting goals. There are low-calorie, high-protein, low-carb and Paleo diet meal programs, among others.

Besides the meal delivery options, you can also give gift certificates to organic or healthy restaurants. Pick out places that offer delicious food choices with a lot of variety. They can use it as often as they like, depending on how much you give them. They can share it (and the importance of eating healthy) with their family and friends.With a balanced meal and a religiously exercising, anyone can achieve a toned figure.

Spa gift certificates


Spas can make you relax and take the stress, anxiety and  pressure off your mind. Everyone loves going to spas. Which is why  spa treatments gift certificates are great for this holiday season.Spending some time in the spa can help rejuvenate the mind and the body for the holiday season and after the yuletide festivities.

Most local spas and massage parlors offer gift certificates for different services. You can pick out a series massages and treatments tailored for the needs of your loved ones. Home service spa packages are also available for those who don’t want to travel. A package may include pampering services like manicures and pedicures. Additionally, body scrubs, acupuncture, and even Reiki.

Prepaid HMO cards

HMO Philippines

Prevention is better than cure. It is a good idea to get your loved ones a measure of protection and peace of mind. You can give them this without breaking the bank, all thanks to Prepaid HMO cards.

Prepaid HMO cards can answer a variety of needs. It can be used for medical emergencies, consultations, treatments, tests and more. Make sure you get prepaid HMO cards that have nation wide coverage. Aside from these, these health cards also offer wellness programs and products

Truth be told, the cards come as worthwhile supplements to the other gift options. So get these and bundle them together with your other gifts.

For more information on health gift options, you can visit the PhilCare website and check out the offered healthcare packages.