We all want to look good in bathing suits but preparing for that summer outing can be tiresome, especially when it is still a few months away. But as we postpone working out, unknowingly, we not only allow summer to creep in on us but also let ourselves go, health-wise. Get that healthy and fit body just in time for the summer with these tips.

Ease into it

If you took a bit of break from (or never had) a workout, activate yourself first, so to speak. Start easy and don’t jump to the intense workout routines. The idea is getting into the habit of working out first so you can reap the benefits sooner than later. It’s also important to condition your body first so you can avoid injuries. To be on the safe side, WebMD recommends consulting a doctor to find out what activity your body can actually handle. These check-ups could include measuring your heart rate and checking on health risks you might have. It’s important to get this medical clearance before diving into the workout habit so you can maximize the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Get rid of excess fat rather than lose weight

Being toned is different from just being skinny. A toned body means your muscles are developed, making them defined to make you look healthy. Being skinny, on the other hand, is shaving off calories to lessen body fat. But according to Health Status, you need a certain percentage of body fat to tone your body. So instead of going on a diet, choose an exercise regime that aims to develop muscle, like push ups, side bridge, and jumping jacks just to name a few.

Play hard

You don’t need to be trapped in the gym to workout. Exercise in the comfort of your home – and have fun doing it. According to Health.com, toning your body is as easy as playing soccer in the park or in your backyard. Citing a Danish research, the website recommends soccer the most because it burns more calories and builds more muscle than jogging. Not bad for a workout regimen.

Pencil it in

Keeping up with the new healthy lifestyle might be difficult especially if it’s your first time making such a big change. Have a food journal handy in order to identify what changes you have to make in your diet. It might also help to have a workout or training log to keep track of your daily routine and find out if you’re hitting your weekly quota.

Drink lots of water

We all know that staying hydrated is important especially when working out. But did you know that drinking water also burns calories? According to WebMD, drinking cold water helps you lose weight because your body puts in extra effort to warm it up.  It also prevents cramps because it lubricates the joints, thus helping you exercise longer and stronger.

Keep in mind that these tips are not a guaranteed comprehensive exercise plan. Having a toned body means getting defined muscles and does not relate to an improved state of health. Showing off that fit body is just the icing on the cake on the beginning to having a healthy lifestyle.

What are your secrets for staying fit? Share them with us in the comments.