A lot of people who went on a diet program said that the early stage of a diet may be okay because dieters are intrigued by new and interesting flavors. However (and it’s only normal, we think) most of the time, a dieter  will begin to miss and crave for dishes that they  regularly eat.

Well, if you’re going on diet, you won’t have to eat bland dishes. Filipino cuisine actually has many dishes that are not only nutritious, but also diet-friendly. Although some are great as it is, there are meals that can complement many weight loss plans when their ingredients and manner of cooking are changed slightly. We scoured the Internet for recipes of 5 traditional dishes that can be cooked healthier. And we found them.  It only needs a tad bit of imagination and some quality time in the kitchen. By making use of healthier alternatives, you can enjoy eating these awesome dishes. Bon appetit!


Let’s Start with the Staple

In general, replacing white rice with red or brown rice is already a great start. White rice quickly turns into sugar, so the body does not exert too much effort converting it into energy pretty quick – which means you get hungry faster. Brown and red rice have more fiber which makes you feel full longer.

Among traditional Filipino viands, the following are great treats that will not ruin anyone’s diet plan:

  1.   Sinigang
    Pork-SinigangThis tasty soup consists of any choice of meat with an array of vegetables, simmered in soup stock made tangy usually with  tamarind juice. The vegetables are already ideal sources of fiber, which helps detoxify the body. Selecting fish or any lean meat part instantly makes this a healthy food choice, given its protein content. Healthy sinigang recipes here.
  1. Adobo
    This hugely popular dish is made bychicken-pork-adobo-adobo-449707566 simmering meat in a mixture of vinegar and soy sauce, seasoned with bay leaves, peppercorns and loads of garlic. If you are extra mindful of cholesterol, choose lean cuts of meat or chicken without the skin, refrigerate the dish once cooked. Take it out of the refrigerator after an hour or so to skim the solidified fats off the surface before reheating. Serve with brown rice.


  1. No-fry lechon kawali
    20150102-lechon-kawali-joshua-bouselIf you do not have any issues with pork, you can actually enjoy the crispy and succulent pork dish without the guilt. Take your pork meat and rub it with salt, and place it on a broiler for 45 minutes to an hour. The broiler will squeeze out the oil, making the skin crispy (go easy on this!) and the meat remains tender and tasty. Remember, it’s fine to consume meat as long as it is taken in moderation. The body needs protein.


  1. Longganisa
    Longganisa, otherwise known as the traditdsc_0881ional Filipino sausage, usually makes any health buff frown due to its fat and sodium nitrate content, but you can actually make your own healthy, preservative-free version of this breakfast staple.Use lean chicken fillet instead of ground pork. The binding agent for this recipe is textured vegetable protein (TVP). Soak the TVP in water before mixing it with the meat and adding salt, garlic, pepper and brown sugar or any sugar substitute fit for cooking.


  1. Kare Kare
    Kare-Kare_4931Kare-kare is the staple dish of most Filipino fiestas. This delicious Filipino dish is meat-based but since we want it healthy, we’ll substitute the meat parts with more eggplants and use bean paste to replace the shrimp paste (bagoong).Dieting does not mean deprivation. It only needs a tad bit of imagination and some quality time in the kitchen. By making use of healthier alternatives, losing weight shouldn’t be all too tedious. You might actually enjoy the whole ordeal. Bon appetit!


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