We’re more than a week away from Christmas and that means lots of Christmas parties. And when there are parties, there’s likely to be great food and drinks. We’ve realized that we really can’t stop anyone from eating a lot this Holiday season but we want you to stay healthy and fit. So here are our recommendations on how to eat healthier this festive season.


Bring Your Own Healthy Food


If it’s a potluck kind of party where you have to bring food for everyone, prepare a dish that you can indulge in without losing sleep over (or gaining fat). There’s plenty of low-fat, carb-less, delicious dishes that you can try. We’ve already featured a number of them here. You can prepare adobo with lean cuts, or even broiled lechon kawali. You can also prepare healthy desserts such as papaya avocado salads or other fruit cocktails without all-purpose creams. Who knows, someone at the party might share your healthy eating passion and love the healthy food you just brought.

Don’t go Hungry to the Mall

Eat healthy

Since we’re this close to Christmas Day, the mall traffic will be bad and the queues at the shopping mall cashiers will be almost as bad (or worse). You’ll likely to get hungry shopping and waiting. Our suggestion? Don’t go the mall on an empty stomach. Eat first before heading out. By doing this, you won’t have to go to a fast food joint to eat. It’s also a good idea to bring some snacks along just in case you get hungry again. This will make your shopping trip quicker and cheaper as well since you won’t have to spend money on bingeing on food.

Keep Track of What You Eat

Track what you eat

Keep track of everything that you eat for the holidays.This is a little harder to do but trust us, it’s going to help you stay healthy and fit. You can list down the food that you’ve eaten on a diary or you can use your mobile phone to record everything that you munched down. Check the calories for each food item that you eat either through the Internet or a handy mobile app. If you’ve gone beyond your daily calorie intake, cut back. But if you haven’t reached the calorie intake limit for the day, then you may eat more.

Eat Before Going to a Party

Eat healthier


This is easier said than done but this actually works. Before you go to your holiday party, eat a small snack to curb your appetite. In this way, you won’t eat as much during the event.  It’ll take the edge off the appetite and allow you to mingle more and have fun at the party. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and eat too much of it or too often.

Keep Healthy Snacks at the Office

Healthy office meal

End of year bonuses means most office workers have more cash to spend. It’s  likely that they will go out more often to buy meryenda from Jolly Jeeps, stock up on sweets or opt to eat  fast food. Instead of buying jolly jeep meals or fast food, keep healthy snacks in your desk at work so you won’t be tempted by meryenda offers of unhealthy food. There are a lot of choices when it comes to healthy snacks. You can eat fruits, yogurt, healthy snack bars and more. Stock up on these or keep them in the office refrigerator.

Eat until you’re satisfied

Eat healthy until satisfied

If you’re invited to a party and you can’t help but dive in the buffet,  we advise to eat only until you’re satisfied not stuffed. The objective here is not to stuff yourself with food but to feel satisfied. You can also eat small portions so you’ll feel fuller. There’s an actual study that says that eating smaller portions and more often can speed up your metabolism as well.


Remember, it is the holidays so you might as well enjoy the great food and great party.