Philippine Health Systems, Inc. (PHS) was established as one of the country’s pioneering Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Companies.
The Philippine American Life (Philam Life) Insurance Companyacquires PHS, Inc. and renames the company PhilamCare. PhilamCare developed into one of the leading HMO companies in the Philippines, a consistent Top 1000 Corporation, ranked number 1 in terms of profitability.
PhilamCare forged ties with UnitedHealthCare Corporation (UHC), one of the leading health care service companiesin the USA, further expanding its range and expertise.
STI Investments, Inc. acquires PhilamCare and renames it PhilhealthCare, Inc. (PhilCare). PhilCare’s long-range vision is to be a leading player in the health care industry.
PhilCare celebrates 30 years of caring for its clients. Since acquisition in 2009, the company is relentlessly innovating and improving its products and services in order to provide quality health care that everyone deserves.