Corporate and SME Health Plans

Comprehensive Group Programs
Employers can fully customize the amount and conditions of coverage and can also opt to include benefit riders to the plans.


SME Product
Employers can choose to pay for group premium and PhilCare will take care of all agreed and coverable services
• Baby Group Plus (BG +)
• Health Advantage Program (HAP)

Medical Insurance
A reimbursement plan that provides payment for actual, necessary, reasonable and customary/standard hospital expenses incurred for confinement/hospitalization, as a result of sickness or injury based on a defined schedule of benefits. The plan allows the patient to choose his/her own doctor and hospital. Member may avail of medical services and treatment in PhilCare’s affiliated hospitals without initial cash-out, subject to company’s schedule of benefits and hospital access. The member only needs to present the Letter of Authority (LOA) issued by PhilCare to the hospital.


Managed Health Plan
(Third Party Authorization – TPA)
This is a self-insured healthcare agreement where the client designs the care budget within a specific budget for the healthcare need of the company.Unbundled Program
This is an excellent entry-level customizable health program that can help new and emerging companies provide hospitalization care services coverage for their teams.
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