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The Top Health and Wellness Trends for 2016

The year 2016 comes as a fresh start for everyone. Start the year right by doing good things, being productive with and engaging in a healthier lifestyle.

In 2015, we saw the introduction of wearable gadgets, the rise in popularity of fitness programs like Zumba and Crossfit, and more people participating in marathons. The upcoming year […]

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The Struggle is Real: 5 Common Mistakes in Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is perhaps one of the most challenging commitments in life. In working out, there is an element of excitement. There’s a need to achieve desired results quickly and employ  a gung-ho approach to physical fitness.

However, well-meaning our intentions may be, sometimes, we unconsciously set ourselves up for failure. We fall for unhealthy […]

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5 Great Health Gifts to Give for the Holidays

It’s nearly time to prepare those holiday lists and start shopping. Have you thought about what gifts to give your loved ones this Christmas season? If you haven’t, why not go for gifts that promote good health and overall wellness?

Health gifts encourage a lifestyle of fitness and wellness. This will benefit your loved ones […]

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  • Eat healthier

6 Ways to Eat Healthier this Holiday

We’re more than a week away from Christmas and that means lots of Christmas parties. And when there are parties, there’s likely to be great food and drinks. We’ve realized that we really can’t stop anyone from eating a lot this Holiday season but we want you to stay healthy and fit. So here are […]

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5 Daily Exercises That Will Cut Your Annual Doctor’s Bills in Half

Here at Philcare, we encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it is all it takes to avoid getting stuck in bed or taking a trip to the doctor. Even if you have a health card, getting sick can still get in the way of your career and personal relationships.

So we’re here to […]

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5 Things you can do for a toned body in less than 2 months

We all want to look good in bathing suits but preparing for that summer outing can be tiresome, especially when it is still a few months away. But as we postpone working out, unknowingly, we not only allow summer to creep in on us but also let ourselves go, health-wise. Get that healthy and fit […]

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So how many calories do you actually burn during sex? Experts try to do the math

Does sex count as a workout? If so, how many calories do you stand to lose in bed? And how often should you take on this, um, “exercise?”

In a rather conservative country like the Philippines, these are probably some questions we can categorize as things-you-always-wanted-to-know-but-are-afraid-to-ask. How about we save you the trouble and research this […]

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Outfit guide for first time gym goers

Even the most devoted gym buffs had undergone this experience. They may not think much of it now, but they would probably remember how scary it was to step in to the gym for the first time.

Often the scariest part is deciding which outfit to wear. To help ease the worries, we listing down some […]

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