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Personality quiz: What kind of sales person are you?

There’s more than one type of sales person but not all of them can be as successful as the other. There’s more than one way to get customers and close deals but it all depends on how you handle the situation you’ll find yourself in. Are you a go-getter or do you wait for leads […]

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Successful sales people have these 5 traits

Ever wondered how the money makers of the sales industry rake in their cash? What sets them apart from the rest of the salespeople? What do they do differently? The gap between you and success might seem daunting at first but the increase in commission you’re setting your sights on isn’t so far as you […]

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5 Things a sales pitch email needs

In the corporate setting, email is the go-to communication tool. Nothing says “effective” and “professional” like an excellently written email. But what makes these emails effective? In lieu of a face-to-face interaction with your client, email etiquette is important to protect your relationship with the recipient. So the next time you send an email, go […]

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How to sell without selling

As a sales agent, you’re probably dead set on reaching your quota for the day. If all you do is sell, sell, sell – then that’s what you’ll get, right? But that career principle is, more often than not, the reason why you’re not getting the transactions. Contrary as it may sound, a “hard sell” […]

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How to get that “hook” of a great customer service

One important element in a sales career is the ability to build a customer service experience that’s unique and reliable. According to AllBusiness, an online information hub for small businesses, great customer service is crucial for business growth because it’s one sure way of attracting new customers and retaining the loyalty of regulars. Achieving great […]

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7 Reasons why sales is a rewarding rareer

Sales is a career known as the “ultimate default” because people who go into sales usually either have no other options or consider it to be a temporary phase in their working life. As far as first impressions go, people view sales as a way to get easy money but that’s definitely not the case. […]

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