It’s a balancing act: 3 tips to stay in control of your life

Career coach Marty Nemko said that aiming for happiness in life is a “misguided” idea. “Mother Teresa didn’t work in the stench of Calcutta streets, ankles bitten by scorpions, because it made her happy. She did so because helping humankind was far more important than her being happy.” To Nemko, work and life cannot be […]

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Smart business tip: Ban workaholics in the office

They used to be the poster boys of the ideal worker – people who log in more than 50 hours per week, depriving themselves of weekend and even holiday breaks all for the love of, if not obsession, for the job.

But as more businesses start to smart up on how to efficiently manage people, using […]

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Allowing employees to ‘sleep on the job’ may be profitable for your business

One of the biggest contradictions about Filipinos is their sleeping habits, particularly how these were formed. From infancy to adolescence, Filipino children were practically forced to learn the habit of siesta, or the taking afternoon naps. As such, Pinoys were programmed to sleep in the afternoon.

Ironically, things turn abruptly when they start to work. Taking office […]

July 31st, 2014|WORKPLACE WELLNESS|1 Comment