For married couples, sex is one of the important aspects for a happy marriage, along with patience, trust, communication and understanding. And while the sexual act between couples have many health benefits physically – such as lowering blood pressure and exercising the heart muscle — the intimacy that stems from it has its own rewards.

According to the PhilCare Wellness Index, the first comprehensive study in the Philippines focusing on Filipinos’ perception on health and wellness,  married Filipino couple has sex 2.95 times per week on the average, while a widowed person’s average is 4.33 a week.

PhilCare resident doctor Cheryll Sibayan commented on this finding and assured that the numbers corresponding to married Filipinos’ sexual lives are healthy, if not average – which is a good sign for the married population.

“Sex does not only add spice to a relationship, it also enhances it. Besides the obvious health benefits from sex, particularly with the cardiovascular system, the shared experience of euphoria between man and wife is what makes this act important,” she said.

A feature article on WebMD sought to capture this correlation by discussing the effect of regular sexual activity on married couples’ relationships. The article cited a research professor at Rutgers University in saying that frequent sex triggers romance and attachment in addition to the medical benefits such as increase in feel-good hormones.

The couples who participated in the experiment said that with the routine, they found themselves less stressed and more comfortable with their partners.

“Regular sex actually increases sexual desire in the couple,” said another doctor in the same article. “In other words, the more you ‘do it,’ the more the individuals will seek it. You develop a desire that wasn’t normally there. The act itself is reinforcing.”

But sex should not be meaningless.

Online magazine Men’s Health shared a similar experiment that looked into the factors that influence the frequency of sex in relationships. Initial trials for “engagement” led to pressure in the relationship. The solution? Focusing on building a better relationship. “The theory is, if you can become more comfortable, communicative, and relaxed with your other half, good sex will follow.”

Hear that? It’s about quality rather than  quantity. Time to bring out the candles and mood music for your next date night.