Even the most devoted gym buffs had undergone this experience. They may not think much of it now, but they would probably remember how scary it was to step in to the gym for the first time.

Often the scariest part is deciding which outfit to wear. To help ease the worries, we listing down some tips on what clothes and gear to bring so we can get that out of the way and start working your way to a better body.

Avoid cotton shirts

This is probably the most common yet rather erroneous outfit first timer don when hitting the gym. Certainly cotton shirts are comfortable before a workout, but once you start to sweat things can get quite messy, especially if you’re wearing colored cotton Tees. Not only does it look unhygienic, it actually can be bad for your skin as sweat that don’t evaporate could cause skin irritation. Instead of cotton shirts, invest in a dri-FIT. It’s the one piece if gym clothing that you’ll thank us later on for advising.

Leave your sneakers and basketball shoes at home

Filipino men are most guilty of this. Since basketball is the Philippines’ most popular sport, Pinoy men are likely to own basketball shoes than a pair of cross trainers. But in reality, it’s best to leave your classic Air Jordans in the hard court. The problem with basketball shoes is that they’re designed for lateral movements. And since you’re likely to hit the treadmill, wearing flat soled basketball shoes could be dangerous for you. This also applies to sneakers, which were designed for walking and not running. Stick to running shoes or cross trainers. These are more comfortable in when you hit the treads and other pieces of cardio equipment in the gym.

Stay clear of revealing tops

While fashion magazines loves to show women health wearing really tight, abs-and-cleavage-exposed tops, these can cause a lot of discomfort when working out. Remember, you’ll be doing a lot of push ups and stretches in the gym. It can be quite distracting for you and the others if you keep covering up your cleavage when exercising. Save yourself the trouble; wear tanks with a higher neckline to avoid indecent exposure.

Select the proper undergarments

For women, this means wearing sports bra. Forget thongs because when you sweat, bacteria populate along the thong line causing infections. Go for seamless underwear. For men, it’s a good idea to reinforce briefs or tight boxers with supporters. You can also get one of those brief-supporter hybrids. Nice and tight underwear goes a long way in helping prevent hernia, especially if you’re about to do heavy lifting.

Wear pants that best suit your exercise

Depending on the type workout their getting, Women can wear a variety of bottoms: leggings for yoga, shorts for cycling, and stretch pants for regular exercises. For men, it’s best to stick to shorts. Avoid baggy sweat pants at all cost. Baggy pants impede your workouts using cardio equipment like treadmill and stationary bikes.

The longer you hit the gym, the more that choosing the right gear would become second nature to you. For now, take these important pieces of advice. Also, don’t forget to visit your doctors at PhilCare before deciding to go to the gym. They can give you all the recommendations you need which you can pass on to your gym instructor so he can tailor fit the best type of workout for you.

Good luck!