Ever wondered how the money makers of the sales industry rake in their cash? What sets them apart from the rest of the salespeople? What do they do differently? The gap between you and success might seem daunting at first but the increase in commission you’re setting your sights on isn’t so far as you think. Do you have any of these five traits? If you want to be one step closer to that golden paycheck, take cues from how successful sales people manage their business.

  1. They have a dozen sales strategies

If you approach all your transactions in one way, chances are that you won’t be closing all of them. What works with one customer won’t always work for another. That’s why it’s important to have an extensive list of sales strategies at your ready disposal for any and all instances. Be adaptive and flexible for the possible situations you may face. Be prepared to handle all types of customers and not just the ones you’re accustomed to facing. As SME marketing adviser Marketing Donut had put it, “make sure you’re targeting the right market and remember that whatever you’re selling, it needs to meet people’s needs.”

  1. They are active listeners

Successful sales agents have a good ear—but it’s more than being able to note every detail the customer brings up. Being an active listener means being attuned to the wants and needs of your client. This way, you gain insight on the kind of products they’d be interested in and if you have them, you have the opportunity to offer it to them. As mentioned in Chron.com, an online newspaper based in Texas, “customers have wants and needs. If you want to sell to them, you have to listen.” Don’t just rely on each transaction as they happen and try to see as far ahead as you can – as if reading your customer’s mind. They’ll appreciate the availability of your product or recommendation and in turn, you cultivate a customer service experience that goes beyond making money and focuses more on taking care of your existing customer base. Once you’ve gained their trust, you can offer them an up-sell to a more expensive product or service, or cross-sell to services related to what they’ve purchased.

  1. They don’t give up

A key trait in the sales industry is the ability to keep pushing despite the rejection. As Chron.com stated, “to make money in sales, you must persevere in the face of rejection.” It’s all about learning from your mistakes, improving your strategy and pushing on. Though you won’t close every deal you engage in, lose customers, receive negative responses, and even get treated rudely by some, these experiences should be taken and filed as “Customer Service Feedback” and treated as such. With every remark, whether negative or positive, you gain insight on ways you can reach more customers and improve your service for better, bigger and faster return of investment.

  1. They follow-up

According to Inc.com, a blog on entrepreneurship and personal development in the business setting, you “may not see your best customers as often as you’d like, so you need to work extra hard to keep yourself on their radar screens.” Successful sales agents keep their customers loyal by staying in touch even after they close a deal. Make yourself available for questions and updates. Build a relationship outside of the sale. This will send the message that you are concerned about their welfare which will translate into how they’ll regard your opinions and recommendations in the future.

  1. Their ambitions translate to results

According to a blog by Brian Tracy who is a powerhouse in the sales industry, “ambitious people see themselves as capable of being the best.” This self-confidence is crucial for their success because it breeds a determination to succeed beyond expectation and the mindset of “good enough.” Ambitious people don’t settle for “good enough;” they always strive to overcome each milestone with another milestone. This commitment to success is ultimately the driving force to reaching their goals, from closing each sale to looking for more ways to improve their business.

What other traits do you see in successful sales agents? Share them in the comments so others can apply them, too!