The year 2016 comes as a fresh start for everyone. Start the year right by doing good things, being productive with and engaging in a healthier lifestyle.

In 2015, we saw the introduction of wearable gadgets, the rise in popularity of fitness programs like Zumba and Crossfit, and more people participating in marathons. The upcoming year will build on those trends and produce even better solutions for health and fitness. So, without further ado, here are the health and wellness trends that we’ve compiled for 2016.

Health Trends

A Popularity Surge for Fitness Gadgets

You’ll probably seen runners and joggers using wearable devices on their arms. These small gadgets monitor heart rate monitor, counts footsteps, and tells how many calories have been burned. Well, it’s likely you’ll see more people wearing them next year as more of these devices will appear on the market.

Fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Jawbone are popular in developed countries like the US and Canada, and they will gain similar reception in the Philippines, since Filipinos are a gadget-crazy folk. Fitness gadgets could possibly be one of the most dominant trends worldwide, based on a survey conducted by the American Academy of Sports Medicine.

And it seems that that there will be a wearable gadget that can monitor biosigns other than footsteps and heart rates. Spire has created a device that can monitor mood and breathing, and can be used to alleviate stress. Take UpRight can help promote proper posture so users can avoid back pains and possibly increase office productivity. Still want more? Well, Bitbite will track eating manners and habits to help people to achieve their fitness goals faster. Lastly, Muse helps meditate, and Moov promotes the form for people who work out.

“Souping” and Healthier Food Options

If juicing was the in-thing in 2015, soup could possibly take center stage in 2016. Some types of soups detoxify just as well as juices and are more filling. When taking a soup-based diet, you don’t have to give up food to feel healthy and satisfied, unlike juicing. Soup contains all sorts of ingredients, which can make up a balanced diet.

Many restaurants offer healthy options today and companies that prepare and deliver healthful meals will continue to grow in popularity as more people get interested in eating healthy. After all, they don’t have to give up local favorites like lechon and pork barbecue; they just have to be taken in moderation. .

Yoga and Active Meditation

More and more Filipinos lead active and  healthy lifestyles. Stress and anxiety can creep in at any time, which highlight the importance of yoga and meditation. Yoga has gained popularity in the US, and we see it getting a bigger following in the Philippines. More people will recognize its benefits and sign up for sessions.

Aside from yoga, active meditation is also getting popular. Mindfulness workshops teach people how to use meditation as a means of reducing stress, avoiding depression, and finding inner peace. This allows them to perform self-awareness meditation while doing common activities like walking, working, or traveling.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

For a lot of people, losing weight is not enough. A toned figure not only looks good but it can also make the body more resistant to diseases. An HIIT workout could possibly provide these benefits through its intense but short exercises. The exercise regime can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

High impact drills like pencil squats, sprinting in place, and other core exercise are assembled to form a routine that shreds fat and builds muscle. Short periods of rest are inserted between exercises to let the muscles recuperate.

Since HIIT is a versatile workout and can be structured with different types of exercises. Fitness trainers can create a personalized version to suit specific body needs, targeting the core muscles and specific muscle groups. Different variations of the training are available on DVD and the internet.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Training is one of the most popular workout routines in the world. Unlike HIIT, its intensity and compilation of exercises are more easier to do, allowing more people to do the exercises.

The aim of Bodyweight Training is to boost your cardio, increase your metabolism, and quickly burn body fat. Some of its exercises include pushups, burpees and squat jumps, with short rest periods in between. Like HIIT, workouts can be created by fitness trainers, purchased from DVD stores, or viewed online.

Prepaid Healthcare Plans

Prepaid Healthcare plans are getting more popular with people, and it could become the game-changer in 2016.

Prepaid health plans are paid once and cover a specific set of medical and health needs. This means you’ll pay for only what you need. People can use different types of prepaid plans to cover medical checkups, physical examinations and maintain health and wellness.

Reputable providers have some of the country’s top hospitals as its affiliates, which lets you get access to advanced medical equipment, highly skilled doctors, and comfortable rooms. Also, they have partnered up with numerous hospitals and clinics all over the country providing access to medical treatments won’t be a problem.

To know more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, please visit the Philcare website. You’ll find a variety of health plans and tons of health tips there.