There is more to health care than NOT getting sick.

We believe that total health means acheiving a complete harmony of mind and body. It’s achieving a state where you can enjoy life to the fullest. If you think this is the kind of health care that you deserve, hook up with us. Together, let’s make health happen.


Quick guide on how to take care of your newborn

One thing that differentiates the Philippines among other countries is the fact that it has a very young population. We have one of the highest birth rate in the world, as latest the Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly the National Statistics Office) report that on average, three Filipino babies are born every minute.
Casting aside the debate on our population, we have to face the reality that we are a nation […]


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The only app you'll ever need for managing your

The PhilCare Go!Mobile
healthcare plan and your path towards wellness.

The new and improved PhilCare Android app, the PhilCare
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It lets you view your account benefit, physical exam appointments,
and results. You can also use it to find a provider near you.
PhilCare Go!Mobile even comes with BMI calculator
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Everything you need to know about
the PhilCare Wellness Index,

the first comprehensive study
on Filipino’s health and wellness.




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8 Take-aways from PhilCare Wellness Index

PhilCare hogged the headlines in June when it launched its breakthrough study, the PhilCare Wellness Index.

The interest it generated is largely due to the […]


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Breaking the common myths about tuberculosis

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Why you should not take gout lightly

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