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When to know it's time to switch to a new doctor

Medical service, especially in the Philippines, is very much anchored on the values of loyalty. It is not like any other service, say a restaurant or spa, where you can switch from one establishment to another without much thought. When you find a doctor you are happy with, you begin a long-term partnership. This affinity […]


Quick guide on how to take care of your newborn

One thing that differentiates the Philippines among other countries is the fact that it has a very young population. We have one of the highest birth rate in the world... …


Believe it or not, video games do have health benefits

The surge in the number of Filipinos purchasing smart phones, the popularity of gaming consoles, and the sustained increase in Internet use in the Philippines have turned the country to fertile grounds for growth of video games. …


Myth-buster: Vaccine is not the No. 1 prevention for pneumonia. This is.

Pneumonia is a severe respiratory infection which causes air sacs of one or both lungs to be inflamed and filled with fluid and pus. It is not a single disease. Many small germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and even certain chemicals can cause pneumonia. A person with pneumonia will have poor amount of oxygen […]

Not so glam: Sharing cosmetics and how you’re actually helping spread sore eyes

In the Philippines, the start of summer means the spread of many infections such as sore eyes ( viral conjunctivitis). Although treatable and usually resolves on its own, sore eyes like other infections, is highly contagious and can result to an epidemic. According to the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology (PAO), sore eyes is a common […]

Five facts about measles that can save your baby's life

Recently, the Philippines experienced a measles outbreak in at least nine of its cities in Metro Manila. According to the National Epidemiology Center (NEC) of the Department of Health, there were more than 1,700 cases, including 21 deaths that were recorded last year. Measles is a highly contagious disease that can be spread through coughing, […]

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Why you should not take gout lightly

Gout is a disease that has become so prevalent in the Philippines that Filipinos tend to use it as butt of jokes. Whenever we see someone limp due to gout, we often joke around about the victim’s old age or his or her unhealthy eating habits. However, gout can be more serious than we would […]

What exactly happens to your brain when you do meditation?

Although people have been practicing it as far as history can go, many still perceive meditation as a sort of activity with no solid scientific proof, new age fad, or even downright quackery. Even in the Philippines, whose people subscribe to other forms of naturopathy such as herbal medicines, meditation is not something that many […]

Why every Filipina should take cervical cancer seriously

Cervical cancer is rapidly becoming one of the deadliest forms of cancers. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are half a million new cases of cervical cancer each year and 250,000 of them lead to mortality. It is also the second most common cancer in women worldwide, including the Philippines, where an estimated […]

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So how many calories do you actually burn during sex? Experts try to do the math

Does sex count as a workout? If so, how many calories do you stand to lose in bed? And how often should you take on this, um, “exercise?” […]

Outfit guide for first time gym goers

Even the most devoted gym buffs had undergone this experience. They may not think much of it now, but they would probably remember how scary it was to step in to the gym for the first time. Often the scariest part is deciding which outfit to wear. To help ease the worries, we listing down […]

Breaking the common myths about tuberculosis

Tuberculosis or TB is a disease that has plagued the Philippines throughout history. Yet to this day, lessons from the disease, much like history, are something many Filipinos still refuse to learn from. Department of Health Assistant Secretary Dr. Eric Tayag said that although TB prevalence in the country has declined in the last 21 […]

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