Health Hacks

Health Hacks



Protecting employees' health and well-being ultimately benefits the employer -- making them healthy and with overall wellness to be more productive, more motivated, and more loyal to their company. To achieve this, it's best to have a holistic company healthcare program in place.


A major part of this program would be an HMO that provides clinic services to assess employees' health and also dispenses treatments when employees get sick, And yet, according to the PhilCare Wellness Index, only 3.41% of employees from private corporations said they always have regular medical check-ups, while overall, only 2.17% of the employed respondents (both private and government workers) said so.


Obviously, more effort must be made to encourage employees to use their HMO benefits for regular checkups. Let employees know that the company clinic is available and well-equipped to perform checkups. This helps in managing and even preventing work-related illnesses that impair productivity.


Furthermore, a company can still consider other aspects of its employees' health and well-being when creating a health-and-wellness-friendly workplace. Here are some practical initiatives that employers can implement.


Implement a power nap-friendly policy
Sleepiness can drastically affect the performance of employees. Implementing a simple 20-minute power nap policy can help increase alertness and creativity, which could mean a better work performance overall.


Give access to healthier food.
Food is the fuel that keeps us going and it can greatly influence our work. Unfortunately, it is one of the things that gets compromised due to busy work schedules or limited access to healthier food options. Consequently, most employees just turn to the convenience of fast food which can later affect work performance. Giving employees the power to make healthier choices can increase wellness in the workplace that could eventually reflect on how they perform and the work they produce.


Conduct company sports or recreational activities
In relation to providing better food options, having occasional sports activities can help employees become more active and prevent health conditions that come from being sedentary behind a desk. Sports activities can give employees the opportunity to get in some exercise that they would otherwise not have time for.


These are only some of the ways employers can further aid the employees that largely contribute to a company's advancement. It's about creating a healthy workplace where employees know that health and wellness services are readily available.


Corporate health programs need not be grand. It can be as simple as empowering employees to make healthier choices or even as practical as encouraging them to get that much needed checkup and letting them know that they can have it done right at the office.