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In a nationwide study called PhilCare Wellness Index 2019, it was found that men and women both found themselves to be "neither stressed nor not stressed".


While they both feel ambivalent about their stress levels, their perceived psychological wellness is quite different from one another - men's psychological wellness is good, while women's is somewhat good.


These findings only support the fact that women have a completely different hormonal system than men. Because of this, they tend to react more and become more exhausted on a higher emotional level. Women are also exposed to more stress factors; as they assume different roles every day.


Women juggle numerous roles; mother, breadwinner, employee -- struggling to balance family and work, which may be detrimental to their health.


Workplace stress in women can be caused by tight deadlines, unpaid work, lower pay than men and a potential lack of career advancement. After their shift, women are also expected to do the dishes, cook food, take care of the children -- which can be really tiring leading to major stress.


Today, stress levels are high whether at work or at home. People drive themselves harder and asked to deliver so much more. Women are simply too tired to enjoy life outside of the office -- especially if there are dirty laundry or dishes waiting for them at home.


The effects of stress on women

Stress itself manifests in different forms -- be it physical, psychological and emotional symptoms. Women tend to experience sleep problems, constant fatigure, obesity, emotional imbalance and hypertension


To cope with stress, women tend to consume uncontrollable amounts of junk food, sweets and alcohol to lessen their emotional distress. According to US.News, women experiencing high levels of stress can also increase the risk of decreased fertility, heart disease and stroke.


How to manage stress?

The first step in managing stress is to recognize its existence. Then accept that it needs to be treated. Stress can become chronic and it's not a normal way of living. The next step would be to change habits that are making stress worse. Find ways to relax the mind and body whenever you feel stressed out.


It's also important to acknowledge that you are overworked and that you cannot handle everything all at once. It might be difficult to say "no" to people at times, however, think about its consequences to your health.


You may feel your work is fulfilling, but too much can add up to a significant amount of stress, just by filling your schedule to the brim.


To maintain a reasonable level of daily stress, as a woman, you need to set priorities and put your health first.